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A salutation to you!

I’m Colin. I’m a very curious person, often reading articles or books, or tinkering with code. Sometimes to the point of being easily distracted. Deep learning is a particularly fascinating subject lately, thus the name of the blog!

Learning about meta-learning also amuses me. I wonder if there’s any way I could learn how to learn about meta-learning better…

Philosophy of the Blog.

I’d like this to be a repository of cool and interesting things that I’ve found, as well as a place to publicly “think aloud” in a way that may be of use to myself and to others. I wish to live an “open-source” life, being very honest and open about my thoughts, inviting feedback, and holding a dialogue with the world.

To paraphrase the apostle Paul, I am not ashamed of the gospel I believe in. Rather, because of how it has saved me, I wish to share it with others.

And to quote Patrick Henry: “…in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate”.



I love programming! My love life with respect to programming languages.

The Song of The True Twenty-Two-“Two-Tuples” Tuple A syntactically valid limerick, exploring a quirk of Pythonic truthiness.

Quotes I like!: fun or interesting quotes.


This blog was originally inspired in large part by AI Weirdness. Have a look, it’s delightful!

For the structure and style I am inspired in large part by gwern. His ideal of creating “stable long-term essays which improve over time” is fascinating, and I’d like to emulate it here.

XKCD has a special place in my part, especially the what-if series. My favorite is probably the one about the Laser Pointer

God, for inventing the universe, and giving me a brain to enjoy it with. He hung over the deep before it was cool. To paraphrase Chariots of Fire a bit… “God made me for a purpose, but he also made me smart. And when I think, I feel His pleasure.” To Him be the Glory.

And yes, I do belive this is a rational belief to have. For more on why I trust God, see Why I Trust God

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Apps and Projects

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