A Curious Beginning

Hi, I’m Colin, and welcome to Deeply Curious, where I have way too much fun playing with deep learning and AI.

Today, We Ask: “If I fed my own face into Nvidia’s StyleGANs, could I generate an “anti-me”, a face which is the exact opposite of my own?”

So I gave it a shot. And I decided that, before I generated the “anti-me”, I wanted to know: “can I make it generate my actual face?”

Turns out, yes!

…well, kinda.

Writeup coming soon. Sneak Preview: 11k_iterations_256x256_200ms_stylegan_me.gif

2019-4-6 edit: changed the name to “Deeply Goofy”, which I like better! 2020-04-04: ehh… Deeply Curious is more reflective.

Written on February 23, 2019